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SMLC 150TH Bucket.jpg

St. Mark's Lutheran Church is celebrating its 150th Anniversary in 2025! The year leading up to it, our focus is preparing our church and community for growth.

SMLC Make It Count Bucket.jpg

Our 150th Anniversary slogan is above.

SMLC Fellowship Bucket.jpg

Sharing a spiritual connection with others through celebration, support, encouragement, and worship.

SMLC Fellowship Verse Bucket.jpeg
SMLC Kindness Bucket.jpg

Reaching into everyday situations and settings to extend the love of Jesus Christ when they need it the most.

SMLC Leadership Bucket.jpg

Modeling the teachings of Jesus Christ and inspiring others to become more like Christ in all they do.

SMLC Generosity Bucket.jpg

Giving time, talents, and resources to do God's work in the world.

SMLC Kindness Verse Bucket.jpeg
SMLC Leadership Verse Bucket.jpeg
SMLC Generosity Verse Bucket.jpeg
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